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Net Tent Yama Mountain Gear

cuben fiber tent


Net tent is very useful when we’re up camp and relax wherever you are protecting from the sting of mosquitoes that interfere. The tent is made of several fiberglass, aluminum tubing, rope and fabric mesh Hancock for $ 15- $ 20. Making tents is very simple and does not require stitches. You can create your own tent or also can buy directly your favorite stores. Here is a step to make net tent:

1: Fiberglass Rod Protective Cover

Prepare three 8-inch rope and use gloves to cover the rods, then seal by crimping the edges. Daar material fiberglass rod with a strong and flexible.

2: Tent Pole Connector

Cut four 4-inch sections using a cutting pipa.Lalu remove burrs with a file and then drilled a hole 10 millimeters from the bottom edge.

3: Form buttons at Bets

Put the bent end of the stock in a vise and closes along with the socket. Forming like a circle for a connector. After slipping the tube, close the hook the rest of the way. tube. So it should be able to freely folded for storage.

4: Rope Rings

Cut two 6-inch piece of rope that exist and blend with the torch. Make sure that the threaded end of a looped rope before it dries with the tip. So that the edge of the container will be one and threaded to the ring ropes.

5: Mosquito Mesh Cut to Length

Cut mosquito mesh as required. Measure the average length of the body after it freely give sufficient distance to space the length and width of the netting tent

6: Set Netting

Make the arch by using fiberglass rods that have been provided. After that unites the tip through the ring ropes that anchor stakes into the ground ring. Then pull so that the nets have proper tension by using knot barrier. Besides being able to make his own net tent, you can buy it. One of the famous brand net tent maker is yama mountain gear. There is a variety of types, colors and styles you can choose from. You can buy it through the official website or even buy at the store closest to you.

cuben fiber tent




The Best Borah Gear Silnylon Tarp



Silnylon tarp is a rectangular or square piece of straight indispensable when you are camping. At a cost that is much cheaper and practical in use. Silnylon tarp is very popular among lovers of mountaineering, outdoor. With its use of flexible, tarpaulins Silnylon has various types, materials and sizes. Which you can choose according to your needs and preferences. There are many people who sell Silnylon tarpaulin. You can buy them in stores near you and outdoor equipment can also shop online at the moment is very much to provide the needs of outdoor. Below is a miraculous tip that you can use when buying a tarp Silnylon:

Models, shapes and sizes
Choose according to your needs. There is a wide variety of models on offer. Choose which according to you according to what you need. In terms of models, shapes, sizes, and colors you can choose: Ultralight Bivy, Side zipper ultralight bivy, Bug bivy, Cuben bivy, Snowyside eVent® Bivy, 5.5’x9′ Solo Tarp, Down pants, Down Vest, eVent Rain Mitts, cuben fiber tarp, Stuff sacks, silnylon fabric Borah Gear.

Where to buy
Buy a place in your favorite stores. Choose a place that has a complete product. So you can be free to choose what you need. Currently there are internet, with the internet you easily find the goods that you buy. Choose from online sites are reliable and experienced in selling product Silnylon this tarp.

The relative price of competing products, so you can search our best to get it. From one store to another variable. You can find the reference price on the Internet. Or searching for information about this price a forum or social media or also your friends who know the price of this product.

Choose products with good material and durable. Although the price is relatively less expensive. But its use is much more durable. Fabric Mojo material is one great option. Where the price comparison bivy top A + quality vs B- version is about $ 10. Given its good quality and the most mild to ultra light backpacking destination. Fabric selection ranging from 0.5 oz sq / yd (15 grams) and there are also 10 oz sq / yd (300 grams)

There was also a selection of other materials that you can make the choice such as: Cuben Fiber, Dyneema Composite Fabric, Non-Woven Dyneema, Dyneema X ™, Pro Silnylon, MLD 10d x 10d, events, MLD .7oz Bug Net, ClimaShield Apex , MLD Testing and Development.


House Cleaning Services Greenville SC



House cleaning greenville sc offering cleaning services for homes. The desire to have a beautiful home that is clean and neat is that people like people today. In addition to the placement of the furniture layout and location of the house is necessary for regular maintenance to maintain the neatness and cleanliness of the rooms of the house from front to back. Some people who do not have the time and expertise are limited. Maybe he is busy with his daily activities, then it is necessary services to help clean your home.

Here are some tips that you can take when using these cleaning services greenville sc :

Seek the services of professionals in the field of Commercial & Residential Cleaning trained for a commercial property that reliable and proven experience maid service greenville sc.

Formed LLC & Insured

Has a Customer Service and Satisfaction Guarantee 24 Hours

May look Background history All Cleaners

Have a Support Cleaning Equipment & Products

The price of competitive services and satisfying

Receive complaints when there are problems

Help support after service


Cleaning is usually done for example: carpet cleaning, window, building, basement, room, waxing floors and other more specific you may need to ask the service provider. After using the services of cleaning service greenville sc, there are some things you can do to maintain the cleanliness of your house such as:

  1. Clean the room of the house itself by using a makeshift cleaning tool, it is meant that hygiene is maintained every day. You can provide cleaning tool brooms and trash cans placed in a position that is affordable.
  2. Do it regularly, you can clean your home room. E.g. once every week. Take a few minutes every week, your room will always look clean.
  3. Make the best use of quality tools and cleaning materials. Besides the price is relatively less expensive. But durable in use and function better.
  4. Keeping the goods is not piling up heaps of time at home, familiarize your family at home after using the equipment, appliance after use in order to put it into place, so the room remains neat awake.
  5. Choose items that are already in your home, you should dispose of unused, not for too long kept. Do recycle If you can do it, it can cut your spending.
  1. Make sure your room has good air circulation and adequate lighting.
  2. Do the repair and replacement of the damage that occurs in your home as soon as possible.

Getting Shed Blueprints For Your Storage Shed Design Plans

storage shed designs

storage shed designs

Storage sheds becomes popular among modern people nowadays. It can really provide people with storage and house improvement. For those who look for new storage shed, they can start to get shed blueprints from different sources. One significant problem is to determine what kind of blueprint needed by people. Enormous options of design can make people confused to determine the best. People should really know how to choose a shed design. If people look online, they can get the best one that they need. In the past, people can study first from any books related to shed blueprints. In the modern era, the internet can become better options.


Choosing Shed Blueprints For Your Garden Shed Designs


It is wrong to pick certain design, which does not match at all with the house. Best options of shed blueprints should be suing the best for the conditions of the house. Wrong options only make the constructions of the shed troublesome and risky. For beginners, they often get problems, whether in choosing shed blueprints or also to build it. If they give up, the help from professional will do. The only disappointment related to this option is about the bill. It can be so much expensive. Although there are cheap professionals, it still provides people with troublesome budget. The best option is to learn to build shed from the basics.


Criteria of Good Shed Blueprints For Your Storage Shed Design Plans


The Internet can become the best source to get shed blueprints or plan. Although it is the simplest option, people need to pay attention about some considerations. First, it is recommended to make sure about the details. It should be comprehensive and simple. Pictures and diagrams are usually used along with any written instructions. Getting shed blueprints online will help people to visualize any step and instructions on how to properly build a shed. Without any instruction, any blueprints are considered bad and not recommended.


There have been many sites providing people with shed roof design. Some of the sites provide people with free references to get while another will make people pay for such shed blueprints. Usually, paid blueprints have better quality and detailed instructions. Some requirements of good options of blueprints are detailed materials, detailed pictures, and suitability. People should consider any different of such option. There is sometimes price to pay for people in getting the blueprints. To make sure about simplicity, people can take benefits from the help of professionals. There are also many services, which people can find online. The next article learn about a frame house kits :


sheds blueprints

Prepare the House Kits to Build

house kits to build

If you want to build the house of your own, then the house kits to build should be prepared carefully. It takes quite a long time to build a house by the DIY project, yet you can get the things done easily. This method of building the house with the DIY project helps you a lot in order to get the perfect result of the house. To build a perfect house that you always dream of needs the careful attention and the perfect detail. The house is the perfect place for you to stay in there with the family.

house kits to build

Picking the House Kits to Build

There are many things that are needed to be prepared by the owner of the house before building the house from the budgeting plan to the kits that he has to own. House Kits to Build offers many different things and ideas. With these lists below, you can get the perfect result in the house.

  • First of all you need to adjust the size of the house that you want to have. Usually there are three sizes people choose. The area below 1000sqft, the area around 1000-2000sqft. The last is the area above 2000sqft. With all of the areas above, it requires the different kits to build a house.
  • The next consideration is the material to build the house. There are many different materials you might pick to build a house. Woods, steel, glass is the material that commonly used by people. The way to build your own house kit, of course, should be adjusted to the material that built the house.
  • After the size and the material for the house, the next step is picking the good quality of the kits. It is useless having the kits with the low quality because it gives direct impact to the quality of the building later on. It is better for you to have the good quality kits with the expensive price, but it gives the lifetime quality to the house.

home to build

To have the good result of the house, there are surely many things to do. It is not an overnight work to realize the dream house you always wanted to have. The process requires the good quality of house kits to build. If you are succeeding on preparing the kits then the house will surely be a good one. Make a perfect house with the kits you prepare earlier and you can live there peacefully. Tips about a frame house kits cost :


Steps How to Build a Mobile Home with RV Cars

how to build a mobile home

How to Build a mobile home is the perfect plan for you. With the mobile house you have, you can go anywhere with the place to sleep and to rest that you can take. There are already many owners who have the mobile home and give the perfect review for the mobile house. The house is the perfect place for you to stay in. Within the house, there are many activities you can do. The house has the ground theme identically. But, there is another choice for you who like to go anywhere and don’t want to stay at one place.

how to build a mobile home

Build a Mobile Home and the Cars

The perfect choice to be a mobile home is by using cars. There are many types of cars that you can choose from the truck, bus, to the RV car. RV car gives the good example for people who want to build a mobile home. How to build a mobile home that uses the RV car as the place to build the house? Here is the answer.

  1. Choose the RV car you want to build a house. There are several types of RV cars you can pick to build a house. The small RV car will only fit only the essential part of the house, like the bed and the bathroom.
  2. It is better for you to use the medium RV car in order to get the amenities of the house in the better perspective. The medium size of RV car fit the other functions of the house. You can put the entertainment equipment like TV, Play Station, and many others.
  3. Prepare the stuff to make the house that you can occupy. Adjust the stuff inside the car so that it fits with the need from the owner. Build your own mobile home can be done with many equipment that fit with the owner’ need. You have to understand about the pattern of the mobile house that is available right now.
  4. Make yourself enjoy with the plan of the mobile house. If you enjoy yourself within the cars, than the other problems will not matter.

how to build steps for mobile home

The things that you must know about a frame house kits cost :

It is the time for you to start thinking build a mobile home. You can have many benefits by choosing this model of the house. Make the dream come true by having the mobile home that you can take anywhere and anytime. Pick the RV car as the media to build the mobile home you always wanted to have.


Steel Building Home Kits List for You

steel building home kits

Steel building home kits can be the one you prepare to build the house. The kits will perfectly make the process of building the steel house runs smoothly. Dig out more of the kits you need to build the house that mostly built from the steel. There are many kinds of the theme for a house you can have. The development of the theme to build a house varies from time to time. You can have many models of the house from the simple one to the others. Steel house might come as the perfect choice for you.

steel building home kits

Cost of Steel Building Home Kits

It is the right time for you to get to know more about the steel building home kits. There are several ways to build the house whether you want to build your home with you or using the expert to build the house. In the list below, you will get the information about the price for the kits. Here are the options for the house;

  • The first design of the house has the area around 200sqft. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, the kits cost you around $35,000.
  • The next design has larger area which is 4000sqft. With this design of the house, you can get six bedrooms, and four bathrooms. It cost the owner around $95,000.
  • Come in the next design is the house in the area of 4300sqft. It has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. It costs people around $95,000.
  • Next design has smaller area with the area of 1600sqft. In this design of the house, there are two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The price is around $50,000. It fits in the small family to live in.
  • For the next house has the area around 2300sqft. In this area, you can get three bedrooms and three bathrooms that cost you around $51,000. It has the complete features you can enjoy while living inside the house.
  • If you want to have the house with quite large area, but the affordable price, then choose this model. It has the area of 2000sqft and has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The price is offered around $55,000 for the steel building home kits.

build home onlineSteel becomes the prominent material to be used in building the house. The list above on the steel building home kits gives you the comparison between one house and the others. Pick the house based on your preference, and do not make any mistake when planning the budget for the house. You also can read about a frame house kits cost for your house :

Get Ready to Build it Yourself Homes

build it yourself homes

To build it yourself homes are the alternative way you can choose. The process requires the deep attention from you, so that it has the perfect result in the house. Make the good planning for the house with this step. The trend to build the house changes every single day. It offers people with more effective and more essential plan to have. Building a good house is not easy. It should be made with the perfect plan and it should be done by the people who have experience. But, do not worry when you want to do it yourself.

build it yourself homes

Prepare to Build it Yourself Homes

People tend to have the house with the unique design within it. It is the same for the process to build it yourself homes. To have a unique house with the simple plan can be done by you. There are steps every owner has to do in order to have the house with the DIY project. Here are the steps you should follow;

  1. Plan the budget for the house. When you have done the first step which is so important, then you can go to the next step. The budget can decide what kind of house to build, how big the area to build the house, and the material to build the house.
  2. After planning the budget, the next step is choosing the model for the house. You can pick many designs for the house like the modern house, mobile house, modular house, frame house, and many others.
  3. Decide how big the house is. The bigger the house is, the more expensive the budget you should prepare. Nowadays, people prefer the small house to the big house.
  4. After deciding the size of the house, it is the time for you to get involved in material for the house. Build it yourself homes requires the step of choosing the material for the house. It might come from woods, glass, straw, steel, and many others

build your dream home online free

The next article is about a frame house kits

If you have done after choosing the material for the house, it is the time to build it yourself homes. Do not be afraid when you all ready with the plan and the budget. The process of building the house is easy and can be done easily. When you need the help of the expert, get only the blueprint on the kind of house you want to have. Make a dream house with the process, you have done by yourself.


Preparing A Frame House Kits Cost

a frame house kits cost

A frame house kits cost can be the one that you consider the most, before choosing the kind of the frame house to build. There is list of kits you have to own to build the house. For so any years, there is always a change on how to build a good house that you can occupy. The development of building a house has never been so easy, there is a challenge that every owner faces. Like the cost, and the size of the house that gets smaller. You can overcome the problem by using the model from a frame house.

a frame house kits cost

Choosing A Frame House Kits Cost

Nowadays, people have different opinions toward the house they want to build. A frame house is the new trend you can follow. By following the steps of building a frame house, you can have a new house which is unique and has good function within the house. A frame house kits cost becomes the important thing to have here is the list for the owner;

  • The first design has the area over 1200sqft. You can make both first and second floor plans for this design. It has the planning of 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. Inside the house you can put one kitchen to complete the house function. The cost might be around $150,000-$200,000.
  • The next design has smaller area rather than the first one. With the area only 1000sqft, it only has two bedrooms and one bathroom. The planning for the house, use straw as the exterior design of the house. You can have a traditional kitchen for this design. The planning budget for the house is around $90,000-$150,000.
  • For the following design is the one with the area of 1250sqft. The house has a chimney and has the traditional design within it. The design of the house has 3 bedrooms and one bathroom. It fits in the family who want such a good design for the house with the affordable cost. The combination between glass and woods cost the house around $250,00 for a frame house kits cost.

how much to build home

The list above offers you the best list for a frame house kits cost. The cost of course is not a cheap thing. The planning for the budget that you prepared earlier is highly needed to make the house building process run smoothly. No need to worry about the result for the house, because it will come in the perfect result ever.



Adding Living Space: Is It Cheaper to Build a House Upward?

is it cheaper to build a house

When you want to expand the living space, one important question is: is it cheaper to build a house upward instead of outward? Since building upward and building outward are the only options for expansion, you need to make sure your option is right. Generally, building upward is viewed as a cheaper option, but it is not always the case, since each option has characteristics. Know both the upsides and downsides of building upward and outward before deciding which one you will choose.

is it cheaper to build a house

Differences between Building Upward and Outward

Answering the question of is it cheaper to build a house upward, here are the upsides and downsides of building upward and outward, compared side by side:

  • You can reduce traffic patterns in the house compared to building outward, because the walking distance diminishes in a house that is built upward, but the risk of falling becomes bigger.
  • You can get cheaper price per square-foot, but the construction will require you to stand the builders, since they will be around the house. If the project is quite big, you probably need to stay in another place for a while.
  • You get more freedom when choosing flooring materials (especially if you love designing your own house), because you do not need to match the entire flooring patterns.
  • You get more privacy with second story or more, but the extra story means you must add additional structures for support. However, building outward also means that you need an extra digging for the foundation, which is quite expensive (especially in areas with difficult soil).
  • Building upward is great if you live in areas with limited living space (such as in the city or suburban area), but building outward means you have easier extra works to do such as drywall work, plastering, and painting.

home plans and cost to build

After comparing all these factors, is it cheaper to build a house upward?

Considerations before Building Cheap House Upward

Generally, building upward is considered cheaper than building outward, if you count the price per square-foot. However, there are other things to consider when it comes to building houses. For example, if you build upward, but adding expensive features and equipment, the price of course will skyrocket. Also, consider the fact that you have more limited space to build a porch, yard, patio terrace, sun terrace, swimming pool, and other features when you build upward. Therefore, if you ask is it cheaper to build a house upward, it will come back to what features you add and how you want your house to look like.